Chinese NY Dragon

As the fireworks light up the sky, marking the beginning of a new lunar year, we are thrilled to introduce the Chinese New Year Dragon Coin (CNYD)

To the Moon

CNYD Launch


Be prepared for the amazing launch of the CYND token. The team has worked 24/7 to prepare a game for the project on launch date. Are you ready for the launch? We have a lot of marketing prepared to make the launch a huge success. Join us on the journey to the moon.

NFTs Sold
Max Buy Presale

Earn by playing a Game

GameFi Element

The Project will have a GameFi element which NFT holders can join. Each X amount of time NFT holders can try to slay the dragon to win a prize amount of CNYD tokens. The Game NFTs will have a variety in rarity / strength. The more powerful your NFT is, the higher the chance you have that you will slay a dragon and win the prize. The majority of the mint price will be used to buyback tokens and provide more budget for marketing activities. 

Mint your dragon

Multiple NFT Dragons

The GameFi Element will have multiple heroes with each a different strength score. The higher the heroes strength score, the higher the chance is that you will slay the Chinese NY Dragon and win the CNYD prize. Players can choose the difficulty of the Boss but be aware the prize might be higher, however, if you lose the time you have to wait between your next fight will be longer.

different rarities

Random Mint

Players of the game can mint different rarities of Dragons. Each dragon in the game has their own specifications that will help you in earning CNYD tokens. Your ROI in the game will differ depending on the rarity of dragon you have minted.

The Future of $DRAGON

The Dragon Roadmap

Phase 1

This phase is centered around the development of the project. We have worked together with Coinsult to make this project one of the best quality that we have had before.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will see the NFT Minting sale. Early community members will have the opportunity to mint an NFT that will give them a guaranteed whitelist spot.

Phase 3

NFT holders will receive a whitelist spot for the presale on Pinksale. People can buy in at the cheapest price before launch. Will you join the dragon on its moon mission?

Phase 4

The launch of Chinese New Year Dragon on Pancakeswap with huge marketing and buybacks. Also, the project will use an unique contract feature to punish early sellers.

Phase 5

Big Marketing push to get the word out for Chinese NY Dragon. Also, we will apply for listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

Phase 6

Development of the GameFi element of the project. If the project is a success the team will work hard to provide the GameFi element to investors so they can play it.

Phase 7

NFT Holders will gain early access to the GameFi element and can earn first by playing the BETA of the game. 

Phase 8

More coming soon to the project! Stay up-to-date by following the Chinese NY Dragon socials. 

Become Part Of The Dragons


The Project

About 'DRAGON'

Ca: 0x8c74f24de882f7a6ffe96e657e8ee10b1917849c

Meme projects are centered on a different hype narritive and that is why this crypto project is focused on the Chinese New Year and the Chinses Zodiac a 12-year cycle with each year represented by an animal (Dragon, 2024). However, there is way more to the project since the CNYD will provide a very big GameFi element to the project.

Official e-mail: [email protected]

To the Moon

Launch Strategy

There is a well thought out strategy in place to facilitate a fun and exciting launch for the Chinese NY Dragon token. We as a team are not here to make a profit with the NFTs and funds raised in the presale as these will be used to buy new marketing and do several buybacks in the project.

Together with Coinsult (https://coinsult.net) we have thought about a new launch strategy that will be most rewarding for investors that join the presale. The first thing is that we need a lot of buying pressure upon launch and that will be facilitated by buybacks, launch marketing and CMC Fast Track. Also, we will need to punish investors that want to sell early on as that could ruin the project. This is done by implementing an unique contract feature with reducing tax.

Quality ++

The CNYD team


Founder / Owner

Based Developer with loads of experience in the crypto industry. Already has done multiple X’s on different projects and is here to provide that once again.



Web3 Security and Development company and very reputable in the Web3 industry. Will help with most of the technical stuff of the project. (Only Advisor, no official team. Also, not developer of the initial game)

Frequently Asked

How can we help?

We are always here to help on Telegram. So please if you have any additional question feel free to ask us there.

We want to have a low hardcap presale on Pinksale. This means that not everyone can join the sale and the spots will be limited. People who want a spot need to buy an NFT with us and commit an amount that the project can use for marketing and buybacks.

The team is planning to do a low hardcap in the presale to have the potential to do several X’s on launch. The final hardcap will be published when determined.

You can help the project succeed by investing and actively shilling the project everywhere that you can. This will help gain the project the exposure it needs to be successful.